Suzanne uses her 15 years of delivery experience to help you achieve your project in time, on budget and over spec. She is an expert at space potential.  She gives you the spectacular luxury with a practical personal edge

I think of a house as an extension of one’s being. Something deeply personal and intimate. It should be created to endure just the way a human being comes into the world and lives, suffers, enjoys and is mortal.

Suzanne listens to your needs, understands your style, stretches your budget and offers the best solutions for the space, your needs and your vision.

“My job is to interpret what my client wants into a practical, effortless outcome that feels ‘just right’ for them. Designing intuitive spaces is my passion. We all deserve to live in an environment that works.”

Interior architecture and design is about observing how we move through space and analysing human behaviour. Finding solutions to improve the spaces we live in is challenging but Suzanne meets these challenges with ease. She transforms a problem areas into a flawless living spaces.

“A home is an extension of you. I help it become your personalised sanctuary”.

Suzanne started her interior career playing and rearranging furniture and spaces in her doll houses as a little girl. After her studies of interior architecture and design she worked in a small boutique shop in Chelsea where she opened a special made-to-measure wardrobe department. She sourced materials, created new trends, which made her one of the top selling people in the team. She then delivered full renovations for a Luxury Italian design studio in North West London.  She consistently delivered on time and within budget for clients who expected a flawless finish. As a senior designer for luxury kitchen brand Schiffini, Suzanne honed her skills to balance aesthetics, functionality and practicality. 

“I like adding structural detail that gives something unique to a space”.

Suzanne makes your challenges flawless, your space workable and your vision spectacular. She helps your space work for you.

“A kitchen has to work like an ultimate machine. It’s the BMW of your house. You translate that through the design, the finishes and the layout so things just flow.” 

In the beginning, idea of a home holds infinite possibilities. It represents a selection not only of whatever individual items we consider useful or beautiful but also a synthesis that creates new kind of beauty, that of a complex and multiple world. What you put in your house reflects your own sensibility, your concepts of beauty and your sense of form.