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Access discrimination by design

If we do not consider everybody’s access needs, we are creating access problems, we are creating division and exclusion. We are dividing people into those who have access problem and those who don’t. That is discrimination by design. 

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People need and deserve more from the places they inhabit.

We are facing the biggest challenge yet to create better living environment. Environment, in which human beings can thrive and communities can flourish in balance with nature. We must rethink how we create our cities, towns, neighbourhoods, homes and offices, and all the spaces and infrastructure in between. This is part of the necessary process of reinventing our relationship with the natural world and each other…

How to create your house vision board + why you need one

Don’t rob yourself of this creative process. Your project needs it. You need it. It will become your anchor and your vector. It will keep you grounded and also provide direction whenever you struggle with decision making. I will try my best to help you make some sense of what is ahead and how to start your home making adventure. FREE GIFT – DOWNLOAD OUR VISION BOARD GUIDE & WORKSHEET

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5 HOWS about your House

Your house is your immediate environment. You are surrounded by it. It affects you physically and mentally. It can fill you with positive or negative energies. It can drain you or charge you up…