How to create your house vision board + why you need one

When you start thinking about your new build or renovation project your brain is probably running in million different directions. You might think, you know what you want but are you asking yourself right questions? If you want solid foundation for your project, you must have clarity. 

No doubt, that at the beginning your thoughts will be scattered. There is so much information available, you may feel overwhelmed before you even start.  

You browse web for ideas and advise. That’s how you probably came across this post. I will try my best to help you make some sense of what is ahead and how to start your home making adventure.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Biggest mistake people make is that they start designing right away. They focus too early on what they think the solution is without identifying core problems correctly. Stop designing!  You have a role in this creative process, but it is not to find solutions. Not at the beginning anyway. Your project needs to start with the vision. But what is this vision? Where does it come from? How do you know what your personal vision is? Do you know what your collective vision is as a family?

You probably already heard the term mood board. After all, architectural and interior designers are masters at mood board creation. Though similar, vision boards and mood boards are not one and the same. Vision board relates to your life. It is a deep dive to your dreams, aspirations and wishes.  Mood board is a lot more specific to individual space. It is a tool used to address aesthetics – it focuses on decorating or styling the room certain way to evoke or enhance certain mood.  

Vision board is supposed to motivate you, to inspire you. You probably never considered creating a vision board and including your house in it. Well now is the time!

Surprisingly, space you live in plays a huge part in your life journey. It is an immediate environment that you are surrounded by. It influences you physically and mentally. It can fill you with positive or negative energies It can charge you or drain you. It can motivate or demotivate. It influences your behaviour. It can reinforce your habits or help you facilitate a change. It has an enormous impact on your wellbeing.

Take a moment of self reflection, what does your dream house look like and why? Where is it and why? Who is in it with you and why?

Here are few things you should include in your vision board:

Inspirational thoughts…

Photo of a happy moment.

Image of an indoor place that you would like to live in.

Outdoor space that makes you feel good

What gives you energy?

Materials that you love to touch.

Your favourite colours, those ones that calm you and ones that invigorate you.

Where do you dream?

What does your ideal hideaway look like?

What inspires and motivates you…

Where do you find peace.

What does your ideal holiday place look like?

Write what is important to you and why.

Where do you live in the future?

There are many forms and ways to create your vision board. You can hunt through all of those old magazines for visual representation, you can search for digital images on Pinterest or Instagram. Or if you prefer you can write your thoughts in a form of journal. The trick is to make sure that words are short and images vivid. 

There is no need to strive for perfection. Your vision board is a work in progress. It needs to evolve. Allow yourself time for your ideas to mature and set in. Discuss your visions together with friends and family or anyone who’s opinion you value or who will live in the space with you. Don’t rob yourself of this creative process. Your project needs it. You need it. It will become your anchor and your vector. It will keep you grounded and also provide direction whenever you struggle with decision making. 

If you want to be more organised and coordinate your thoughts further. Download our vision board work sheet. It is our gift to you on your journey of discovery. 

Once you have set up your vision board, you can slowly start on your design brief.

Otherwise if you know anyone who would benefit from reading this post, share it. Because SHARING is CARING….