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Remodeling and Home Design

Design Process

Dear Client

Hiring an interior designer with specialist architectural skills may sound like an extravagance, but we have the vital knowledge and information required to assess the space and environment you live in and maximize the potential of your home.

We have valuable contacts in the home improvement and development sector – allowing us to acquire the most suitable products or services at a price you might otherwise have missed.

Remember, an interior designer with specialist architectural skills will give you more value for your budget. As well as improving the aesthetic qualities of your home – making decisions on colour schemes, wallpaper, fabrics, etc. – we also understand the structure and layout of the building and therefore you will benefit from a more cohesive scheme for the entire property. We can understand clearly the way a space will be used, its operational needs and the functions it must fulfil.

Co-operation between you and your interior designer is the key to a successful home refurbishment. We need to understand your goals and will listen to your opinions and input as the project progresses. We interpret your vision to provide unique solutions for your project. We are here to guide you through the each process and keep an eye on the budget so you are confident that your money is being spent wisely.

For maximum flexibility we incorporate break points in our fee structure. At the end of each stage the Client has the ability of taking the designs and carrying out the work themselves. This allows you to determine precisely the level of involvement we have in your project.

Yours truly,
Suzanne & Joseph

Joseph + Suzanne Studio TODesign process

You can test the water without any risk. Find out how you can benefit from having us on board and work out which package would be most suitable for your needs. You can have a look at our portfolio, references and previous projects.

Taking the brief:
The success of your project will greatly depend on this stage. We arrange meeting in your home, this allows you to share your ideas with us to determine the type of style you’d like, how you use your space, your likes & dislikes and any other requirements you may have. The better we understand your requirements the better the results we can deliver in the design stage. Our brief will be as detailed and project-specific as possible. It will outline your requirements and aspirations and set down a budget for works and time scale in which the project must be realised.

Site Survey, Measuring, Research:
We survey the existing space and take measurements that help us to prepare design specific drawings and plans to scale. We observe how the space is used in order to understand key positions of functional elements. From this information we prepare initial drawings of existing layout and proposed changes.

Detailed Design, Product Specifications and Costing, and Detailed Drawings
including plumbing and electrical detailing ready for the contractor to work from if required. This stage also includes sourcing the right materials, furniture and furnishings for the scheme, fitting and fixtures, lighting, floor coverings etc. You will benefit from our exclusive and long-term relationships with professional suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

Project Monitoring:
This will include overseeing building work by the recommended contractor according to a specified list, furniture and products ordering and purchasing from a specified list, project coordinating and project management. Overseeing the overall progress and schedules of the project.


If you are refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom and need some advice on the layout and overall design but you don’t need us to supply it, we can also help. In most places or showrooms, design is often carried out by experienced sales men who are very good at convincing you to buy what suits them. We can offer you a “one day” consultation, at the end of which you will have a perfect solution for your kitchen or bathroom.
This is a bespoke “one day only” appointment where the room will be measured and you will be given a drawing of the plan with dimensions and descriptions of what is required including basic elevations drawings. No costs or specifications are given – however we may be able to give you an estimated cost of your project so you will have a better idea when you shop around. You will need to dedicate one day (approx 7 hours) to this 1 Day Designer Experience and the work is carried out at your home.


We offer a personal shopping service to accompany clients on visits to showrooms, art galleries, antiques dealers, trade fairs etc.
Our design and purchasing experience will help you utilise your time and your budget more effectively.