3 Big questions you should ask and answer before you start your renovation project.

There is so much good, practical advise on how to go about your renovation project. Humans are creative creatures. We are extremely competent when it comes to solving problems. Refurbishments and renovations are in fact problem solving tasks. But what problems are we solving if we are not able to truly identify them?

Before you hire professional to assist you with your project, it is important to clearly identify the task at hand. 

You must not only understand your needs and wants, but you should be able to justify them. Ask yourself…  

WHY am I doing it? WHY do I need it? WHY now?

Don’t settle for superficial answers. Think about what this really means to you.

Once you have your answers, look at them and ask yourself the same question again? Why am I really doing it? Why do I really need it and why now? Be honest and try to get to the bottom of it. Try to identify the root of what is it that drives you, motivates you and what troubles you about the space you currently live in.

Having as much clarity as possible on what is it that you are trying to achieve is extremely important.

Your role in the project is to be able to articulate your desired outcome. Whatever that may be.

Don’t waste time with designing your house. That is task for your design professional. You are hiring them to help you find solutions. Identify your needs and your pain points and express them clearly. Explain what are your biggest anxieties, what do you see are your biggest challenges. Be clear on what is it you are hoping to achieve and what are you hoping to gain.

This clarity will form the strong foundations on which your entire project will stand.

If you are ready for next step…

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